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Schwartz Case Study

Making a prestige brand the natural choice in a cut-throat market.

The Process:

In-store promotion for a selection of Summer herbs and spices targeted at Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels and Caterers.

Schwartz 3 step Process Infographic


We identified the touch points where buyer behaviour is most effectively influenced

  • Across the wholesaler buyer’s desk 
  • In-store in wholesalers

And we focused communication on those touchpoints to have maximum  effect

  • Trade advertising to wholesale stockists to promote the campaign
  • Presentation aids for account managers
  • Promotional based packaging and wraps
  • In-store point of sale


We identified the needs that our customer communities wanted to address for which McCormick’s products provide the solution

  • Buyers are looking for new sales opportunities to increase revenue and profit with minimal effort. Buyers need to provide their customers with a better shopping experience, seasonal offers, greater variety and more value for money 
  • Users need to provide their diners with consistently good product, seasonal dishes, broad menu choice in line with current tastes and style, value for money meals to their clientele  and maximise their profit margins. 

We recognised buyers and consumers have multiple choices of purchase and need persuasive reasons to buy

  • By linking the promotional products with inspiring dishes we helped associate Schwartz with exciting menus, value-added dishes that gain maximum profit against raw material costs, and happy customers that keep coming back

We created a simple message that was evocative, was  retained quickly and remembered for longer:

Carnival of Flavours. Bring your Summer menu to Life.


Cut-through is the single most important factor in a successful promotion.

  • We built on known values of the brand
  • Created ownership of the touchpoint where buying decisions
    are made
  • Developed eye-catching ideas that encourage immediate action

The Results:

Making a prestige brand the natural choice in a cut-throat market

McCormick’s Schwartz for Chef brand is the world’s leading supplier of herbs, spices and seasonings, as well as having successful brands in sauces, pickles and condiments.

Competition is tough, the customers demanding and increasingly price sensitive. So market share is hard-won. 

Success in this business means winning the battle for sales in-store which means marketing and promotional material has to work very hard and deliver measurable results.

The Campaign for McCormicks

Schwartz is a prestige brand with strong brand values that can’t be compromised by chasing the market to the bottom in a price war. Our challenge is to maintain a high quality brand whilst winning sales from cheaper competition in a price-sensitive market. 

To win we use Schwartz’s main strengths – their quality and their range. But each has to provide real benefits to the price conscious customer that can be measured, how else can he make the decision to choose Schwartz over another brand. 

So we segmented the market and looked at what Schwartz quality and range mean to these customer communities.

Brand Strengths as Customer Benefits

We present strengths as consumer benefits. 

Quality = Value – you only need a pinch to make a dish special and add margin

Also Quality = Consistency – the flavour and
performance you get today will be the same when you use it next week 

Range = Variety – the wider the range of seasoning, herbs and spices, the wider range of dishes you can prepare with confidence, which means happier customers who spend more

These essential truths are communicated through all our marketing and promotional campaigns and tuned for the particular market segments.

The Results

By segmenting the market and understanding the needs of Schwartz’s different customer communities we were able to tailor our offering so that Schwartz perfectly fits the needs of its customers and becomes their natural choice. Market position has been strengthened and market share increased.

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