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Created by the engineers that developed the iconic McLaren F1, the Caparo T1 was created to showcase Caparo Group’s engineering excellence to the international car industry.

Launching this one-of-a-kind supercar at Goodwood and arranging customer days at the Top Gear test track were highlights in the wide-ranging marketing campaign we conducted for the group which included a distinctive brand identity for the car and the international engineering group that developed it, track and studio photography, brochures, web, print and online advertising and PR.


Brand Identity | Photography | Marketing Collateral

Brand Identity

Caparo T1 Logo Brand Identity example


Caparo T1 Photography
Caparo T1 photo of fast movement coming towards camera on track
Caparo T1 photo view of driver from front of car
Caparo T1 photo side on view in black studio space

Marketing Collateral

Caparo T1 Logo Brand Identity example
Caparo T1 Logo Brand Identity example