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Jabra is the world’s best-selling brand of Bluetooth headsets for the mobile market, consistently bringing out class leading models that are stylish and innovative.

When we won Jabra’s business in 2000, they were a small player in the industry with under 1% of the headset market and no awareness outside of the USA.

With their modest budgets we were never going to compete in an above-the-line shoot out with the market leaders. So, from the outset we concentrated on building relationships with resellers. By helping resellers understand how Jabra’s products were relevant and important to their customers, resellers recognised them as new sales opportunities which they embraced making Jabra the brand of choice wherever the buying decision was made.

The formula was very successful, so we replicated in all their international markets designing and producing all their marketing material in 26 languages. Within 5 years, Jabra had become market leader in Bluetooth headsets.


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Jabra Branding logo

Marketing Collateral

Jabra Marketing launch Packs

Advertising & Direct Marketing

Jabra Bluetooth Headset Advertising


Jabra Headset Lifestyle Photography
Jabra Headset Lifestyle Photography
Jabra Headset Lifestyle Photography

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